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Identify new possibilities

Creative Reinvention helps people design new futures. Our approach is co-creative.  We help  individuals and businesses visualise new possibilities, goals and ambitions and translate them into concrete plans for unbounded success. Creative Reinvention accelerates change and the achievement of your dreams.   We offer coaching, workshops and consulting services.

Centered on you

You work and talk. We listen and co-create with you.  This is about you and what you want for your future.

Focused on your future

Your  reinvention for the future is our focus.

Creative tools and techniques

Our approach is about you doing, creating, revisioning.

Registered Psychologist

We are experts in creative  visualistion, change and transition.

Career makeover

Are you feeling stuck in your career and need some help to work out what to do next? If so, sign up for the Career Makeover Package and re-envision your next career move.  This package will energise you and your dreams for the future and hasten your success.

 Get clear on your career vision today.

Confidence makeover

Is your confidence holding you back? Are you struggling to realise your dreams of success? Jai will take you through a range of valuable exercises that will help you to reclaim your confident self and move forward in your life. Start feeling good about yourself today and living the life you imagined.

Reclaim the amazing person you really are and step into the winning circle.

Life reinvention

Are you about to leave your current job? Are you in transition or thinking about retiring from your job or business and want to continue working and leading a fulfilling life? This intensive one-on-one creative program will help you reinvent your life or business. This program can be done online or face to face.

Start reinventing your life today.

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About Jai

Jai Waters, CEO of SEPIA Consulting and creator of Creative Reinvention is a registered psychologist and has extensive experience in using visualisation, design thinking and co-creation methods to achieve successful outcomes. Jai has just completed writing a book on transition called MORE LEMON. How to transition to a life with more ZEST with her co-author Julie Regan (see Her new book, UNREST. How to use visioning and creative writing to redesign your life is due out in September.

Jai has over 25 years’ experience in the higher education sector where she worked as a senior executive responsible for strategy, organisational transformation and change management. Jai has an Executive Masters in Business Management (Distinction), a Graduate Certificate in Change Management, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and an Honours Degree in Psychology. She is a certified Canfield Success Principles trainer and was personally coached and instructed by Jack Canfield, America’s No 1 Success Coach.

Your personal guide to transition

Career Makeover

  • Re-envision your next career move
  • Tap into your dreams
  • Hasten your success
  • Clarify your career vision

Confidence Makeover

  • Envisage your successful self
  • Practical and hands on
  • Valuable exercises
  • Reclaim your confidence
  • Start feeling good
  • Step into the winning circle

Life Reinvention

  • Reinvent your life
  • Reinvent your business
  • Interact online
  • Face to face interaction

Reclaim your confidence and energise your dreams for the future by reinventing your life or business.

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